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Are germs and odors taking over your gym?

Even the best spray and wipe regimen can’t stand up to the rigors of odor-causing bacteria, germ-ridden sweat, and nasty fungi. Soft surfaces and nooks and crannies are just too hard for standard cleaning to reach and don’t stay saturated long enough to eliminate all harmful pathogens.

The Dirty Secret
About Your "Clean" Facility

Your gym and showers look pristine. Your cleaning regimen rivals the most rigorous workout. But, just between us, how often do MRSA infections or athletes’ foot occur?

Traditional bleach cleaning can make the germs seem to go away, but they often “come back” with a vengeance. Only whole-space decontamination can eliminate those germs completely.


Outbreaks Can Break Your Business

Despite growing awareness, fitness facilities are still plagued by outbreaks. Your reputation may not be the only thing you lose if clients contract these germs in your facility. All over the news, athletes have sued their own teams and gyms for negligence after being infected.


Protect Your Clients & Your Business

USR will create a tailored plan to protect your gym and locker rooms from harmful germs. We offer:

 One-Time Decontamination
Outbreak Response
On-Going Maintenance

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