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Flood Restoration at Crescent Crown Distributing – What to do with 396,000 cases of beer?

Performing flood restoration for a warehouse owned by one of the largest beer distributors in the United States represents some unique challenges and regulatory issues.

US Restoration was chosen to do remediation and interior demolition of a Crescent Crown Distributing facility.  All work had to take place under the supervision of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) and the Louisiana State Police, as there were 396,000 cases of beer on site.  Some of it remained unaffected by the flooding, but much of the inventory needed to be properly disposed.

All of that inventory required us to load, transport and dump 986 lined, 40 yard containers with contaminated beer from the warehouse area.  For the inventory was determined to be salvageable, we provided temporary refrigeration that was cleared by regulators for resale. 

With the beer taken care of, we turned our attention to performing flood restoration of 37,000 square feet of office space.  Office furniture, computers, cubicles, drop ceiling grid and tiles, electrical components, Sheetrock and flooring was damaged beyond repair.  It all had to be properly removed from the facility and disposed.

Flood Restoration Requires Working with an Industrial Hygienist

 Once we removed all of the damaged building materials and equipment, it was time for an assessment by a 3rd party industrial hygienist.  The hygienist took numerous samples throughout affected buildings in order to understand the extent that the building had been infested by mold and other environmental hazards.  With this data, the industrial hygienist was able to develop a complete flood restoration plan that would make the buildings safe for workers once again.

US Restoration followed the plan and performed a complete hygiene cleaning of the area.  Our goal was to properly address all biological threats that had taken root inside the buildings as a result of the flood waters.  Upon completion of our water damage repair tasks, the building was once again inspected before the reconstruction process could begin.  

The entire flood restoration project was expected to take 10 weeks, but our staff of 80 completed the job in just 6 weeks. 

USR received high praise from Mr. James Moffitt for both our workmanship and the early completion schedule. This allowed his employees to return to New Orleans from their Baton Rouge and Thibodeaux facilities, and resume their local operations earlier than expected.

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