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If a picture is worth a thousand words then Matterport 3D
models are worth a hundred thousand pictures.

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Documenting damage thoroughly and accurately is key to reducing disputes

over the scope of loss and faster claim approvals from insurance

carriers. And fast and accurate settlements result in lower costs

and happier customers that can get their lives back on track to

pre-loss condition more quickly.

With Matterport 3D you can:

Automatically generate Xactimate Sketch files:

Estimators can forgo hours of tedious tape measuring and paper sketching and eliminate human error capturing field measurements. Replace one of the most time consuming processes of managing a claim. 

Estimate remotely:

Send cost-effective, customer-facing labor to scan the loss. Eliminate the drive time for estimators and get them from 50% efficiency to 100%, writing estimates remotely with quality digital assets.

Speed-up claim approvals:

Detailed and thorough loss documentation also results in faster claim approvals from insurance adjusters. Save time by eliminating ad hoc and incomplete photos and manual measuring, avoid repeat site visits due to incomplete information. The faster a claim is settled the more quickly you can get back to business.

Decrease number of breakage claims: While restoration companies may accidentally damage contents while restoring a loss, sometimes policyholders make false claims regarding the cause of damage. By scanning at the onset of a claim, these false accusations can be easily refuted. Not only does this result in reducing lost revenue, it also raises customer satisfaction by eliminating disputes with policyholders.

Increase transparency & collaboration: Share 3D models with adjusters, insurance carriers and policyholders.

Resolve questions and concerns by virtually walking the property together. Giving all the different stakeholders on a claim complete field transparency means that everyone works more accurately, quickly and efficiently.

Improve quality of repairs & customer satisfaction:

With 3D models, the field team knows that their work can be reviewed remotely by management which increases the quality of the repair work. Work in process (WIP) meetings become much more effective and accountable with virtual walkthrough of progress holding field staff accountable to on time and under budget. Everyone is protected.

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