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Industrial Fire Restoration and Cleaning Project in West Virginia

Thank you Wayne for the warm regards.

The work that has been completed by your team in our recovery efforts has put a smile on many faces.  Not only members of our mill, but from across the company when they see the improvement that has been made.

Your staff’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in how they conduct themselves and perform their work, and I know our team is thankful we were able to partner up with your company.  We have not been disappointed. I am glad you and your team felt like you were a part of our team.

Jesse Merica

Plant Manager, Weyerhaeuser

US Restoration had the honor of being called upon to complete this project in Heaters, West Virginia.  Their 5 level production line platform was damaged by a previous fire, and was in need to a total restoration.

Our response consisted of detailed cleaning of the entire production platform and its equipment, removing all grease, soot, and damaged paint. After the cleaning process was complete, we prepped, primed, and painted all surfaces and equipment on the platform.

This job was conducted with 25 men, and was projected to be completed in 8 weeks. Through strategic planning and commitment by our trained staff, we were able to complete this job in 7 weeks and we were 10% under budget.

This project was conducted while the platform was in full operation without any delays or interruptions of production.

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