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Hurricane Maria at the Cruzan Rum Distillery

US Restoration did such a good job in their 12 days performing restoration operations after hurricane Maria that we brought them back again to perform other hurricane-related projects on our site.

Jim Recchia

Prior to Maria’s arrival to the US Virgin Islands, US Restoration, LLC (USR) was contacted by Beam Suntory to discuss providing the emergency restoration services that would be needed to get the Cruzan Rum Distillery secured and back to full production.  They were expecting this major storm might cause damage and disrupt the distillery’s operations.

USR immediately began the technical and logistics necessary to perform this project.  We needed to secure a Boeing 737 aircraft to accommodate:

  • 35 USR employees

  • 4 security guards

  • Equipment and  materials for likely repair and restoration tasks

  • Supplies to accommodate all staff working on the project

  • Aid and supplies to Cruzan Rum employees

Upon arrival, USR worked with the Cruzan Rum management team to assess the scope of the damage to their distillery.  Priorities were assigned and needs mapped out. The USR team was given the following tasks to ensure that the Cruzan team could shift their focus on producing their rum:

  • repair fencing

  • clean debris

  • patch/repair roofs, walls

  • secure the facility

Twelve days after our arrival, US Restoration had the facility was ready

to safely produce rum again!

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