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Traditional cleaning and spot disinfection can no longer meet the challenge of protecting against today’s infectious diseases.

Products that leave behind strong odors and toxic residue have long contributed to health issues and are quickly becoming unpopular. Studies are proving that cleaning alone may actually increase the risk of spreading pathogens throughout an environment.

It’s time to rethink how we maintain healthy spaces.

In addition to killing bacteria and viruses, our EPA approved disinfection process eliminates odor-causing biological oils, such as sweat, urine, food, mold etc.

Cleaning Does NOT Equal Disinfecting

Clean” does not always equal healthy. In fact, your janitorial service can only help with 1/4 of the problem (appearance). They do not have the right equipment, know how, or chemicals to get rid of germs. Even worse, studies show that wiping a surface with a cleaning product can spread disease from one surface to another. USR disinfects your space, which truly kills the germs.

Contamination Spreads Quickly

For example, tests have shown that a (benign) virus placed on the front door of a building can contaminate 50%-63% of an office in a span of four to seven hours, simply through touch transfer. Add humidity and the chances of cross-contamination increase.

  • Electronic devices harbor bacteria and germs that janitorial services can’t handle

  • Doorknobs, hand rails, light switches, elevator buttons, and even walls spread germs

  • The #1 productivity man hour killer is germs

USR takes care of all these issues and more.

Infections Cost $$$

When employees (bosses, too) take sick days, companies lose money, time, and productivity. You may even lose customers if you can’t get your orders completed on time or meet with them face-to-face as scheduled.

Businesses and their employees must stay healthy to compete, especially in today’s markets.

Avoid the Flu and Other Illnesses

At the first sign of infection, USR’s disinfection/decontamination service can stop an OUTBREAK in its tracks!

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