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Having treated everything from college dormitories to daycare classrooms, we know student safety, attendance, parental concerns, negative media, and reputation are top priorities. USR is well-accustomed to discretion and efficiency.

Reduce Absenteeism

Student attendance is one of the most critical components in a student's success. We have treated entire campuses in 24 hours, eliminating the need to cancel classes.

Often Overlooked Germ Havens

While desktops and hard flooring receive most cleaning attention, germs populate much harder to clean surfaces like carpets in libraries, doorknobs, light switches, walls and cubbies, and undersides/edges of tables and chairs (yes, students touch these - just consider how many wads of gum found there).

Improve Your Reputation

And how does the public feel about the healthiness of your school? Your facility's reputation depends not only on its academic success, but also on how well it provides a safe space for students. This includes general facility health. 

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