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“When quality Counts, call US.”

Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority. From the moment you call until repairs are completed, we’re right beside you. We’ll assess the damage, mitigate your property to prevent additional damage, and work on your behalf with your insurance company to make your property whole again.

We know that your standards are high. That’s why our ultimate goal is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. We’ll work with you to make sure that your repairs are professionally completed in a timely manner.

Welcome to US Restoration's e-newsletter! We are happy you are here. We hope you enjoy it.

Hurricane season is finally over! And not a day too soon. The 2020 hurricane season has definitely left us with a lot to reflect on. So many people in the Gulf South Region lost homes, businesses, and property. US Restoration is honored that so many of you trusted us to come to your homes and offices to help you get back to a normal life. We are grateful for the ability to service our customers quickly and efficiently and thankful for the opportunity to help so many people affected by this unprecedented hurricane season. As many of you may know, over 41 years ago, Wayne Catalano, President of US Restoration, began his career in helping people rebuild their lives after experiencing a disaster. Wayne and his trained and experienced team are ready to provide quality service to those in need. When Quality Counts, contact US Restoration, at (504) 885-3289 or at

USR was proud to service the areas of the Gulf South Region that were affected by the historic hurricane season of 2020. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida all suffered this year and USR was able to help businesses and homeowners mitigate the damages and prevent any further issues in all of these areas. Lake Charles was struck three times within weeks and USR was there for all the hurricanes and tropical storms. We have completed up our emergency work from the hurricanes and have spent countless hours performing detailed cleaning and disinfecting our equipment and tools. USR takes great pride in being prepared for any disaster so we make sure our equipment meets all standards and we are loaded and ready to get the trucks rolling when we receive a call.


COVID-19(SARS CoV-2) isn't going away anytime soon, if at all. According the CDC, Covid-19 cases have been on the increase since mid-November and is forecasted to continue this trend into December. We are heading into the Cold & Flu season so prevention is the key to keeping everyone safe. USR has been disinfecting and decontaminating hospitals, industrial facilities, businesses, and homes for over a decade. We use a wide array of EPA registered products to eliminate pathogens, but on Gold Star process is the Curis Decontamination System. Curis is a specialized dry fogging machine that exclusively uses CURoxide(7% Hydrogen Peroxide) to attack some of the most difficult viruses and bacteria that exists. The Curis System has been utilized when outbreaks of C-Diff and Ebola have occurred not only nationally, but globally. USR is trained and licensed in Anti-Microbial disinfection and follow all CDC guidelines when applying any and all chemicals. USR can help you contain a COVID-19 break-out at your business or home and put you on a regular maintenance & prevention schedule to help control infection rates. Call US Restoration on our hotline at (504) 885-3289 to talk to our experienced staff on how to address a break-out and/or prevention of pathogens.


1. Check Your Gutters and Drainage

With winter comes increased rainfall, so you want to be ready. While cleaning out the gutter isn’t a fun job, it can save you money in the long run. Well maintained gutters can reduce the need to replace them, and the chance of roof damage. A clogged gutter can overflow and break, putting strain on the roof itself. It can also fill with ice, which will cause thawing damage and strains the guttering.

2. Clean Your Dryer Vents

As the colder months set in, your dryer is likely to get more use. Dyers can be a fire hazard, causing over 15,000 fires each year, so it is important to reduce this risk. Make sure to remove built-up lint from the dryer in order to reduce the fire risk and improve your household energy efficiency.

3. Check Your Electrical System

With the winter months bringing cold weather and days that stay dark for a longer time, the last thing you want is your electrical system to fail.

Before that cold weather sets in, make sure to schedule an electrical maintenance tune-up with a professional electrician.

4. Seal Leaky Doors and Windows

Check your windows and doors by opening and closing them. When you close the lock, do you notice a gap between the seals?

If you have old windows, you can add new weather-stripping. There is a variety you can choose from:

Once you have changed the weather-stripping on your windows, you’ll need to do the same with your door — and check for air leaks.

Check the exterior trim for any gaps between it and the door frame. Caulk any gaps with exterior latex caulk.

If a draft comes through the bottom, check the condition of the threshold gasket. If worn, replace it.

5. Weatherproof Exterior Pipes

Freezing temperatures can cause serious problems for your external pipes. Frozen pipes can crack, and once they thaw they can release hundreds of gallons of water in a single day. This can lead to serious structural damage.

Check all of your pipes for signs of weakness. And moisture on faucets and connectors can point to wear and tear. If there is moisture, replace these parts immediately.

Turn off your external pipes at the mains, and make sure they’re fully drained. It may be useful to double check a few days later to ensure that all the water has fully drained.

When disasters happen, whether man made or from Mother Nature, US Restoration is there with you from day one until the job is done. Property loss and insurance questions can be stressful event. With over 4 decades of disaster restoration, USR knows how to properly handle your loss. When Quality US.

Our mailing address is:

US Restoration70237 LA 59 Suite F Abita Springs, La 70420

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