We Are Remediation Experts


We’ve been through it all – fire, flood, storm, mold.  If it’s a threat to your building, we’ve dealt with it.  Our customers call on US Restoration to remove the problem and bring the property back to its original condition.

While we’re based in Southern Louisiana, we service the South Atlantic states and beyond.  As a testament to our success, we’ve been hired to complete jobs across North America.

We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction

Success can be describe in many ways, but it must always be earned, not simply granted. At US Restoration, we respectfully ask for that ONE opportunity to provide our services and allow the USR team to earn your trust and confidence.

We understand each and every opportunity must deliver 100% customer satisfaction, and our experienced personnel strive for, and are committed to delivering nothing less.

Wayne Catalano


Wayne has more than 40 years in the property mitigation and restoration business.  He has extensive knowledge rebuilding homes, businesses, and industrial plants.  His projects have taken him throughout the United States.

Richard Cook, Jr

Sr Project Manager

Stephen Blackmon

Sr Project Manager

Chad Catalano

Marketing Director & Project Coordinator

Richard has over 18 years experience. He supervises mold removal, lead abatement, and asbestos removal as well as insurance adjusting.

Stephen has over 23 years in commercial and residential reconstruction, construction, and insurance adjusting.

Chad has been here with us for 13 years. He is our Marketing Director as well as Project Coordinator.

Matthew Chauvin

Project Manager & Mold Supervisor

Ray Schexnaydre

Sr Project Manager & Construction Superintendent

Matt has been with US Restoration for 20 years. He supervises fire, water, and mold projects.

Ray has over 38 years of experience in new construction and the remodeling of residential/commercial/industrial buildings and home design.

Arnulfo Aragon

Remediation & Restoration Technician

As our longest tenured employee, Arnulfo has led, and been a part of various job assignments throughout his years with us, as well as managing our warehouse.

Mandy Catalano

Financial Director

Mandy is the Financial Director at US Restoration.

Alvin Guercia

Remediation & Restoration Technician

Alvin has been with US Restoration for 8 years. He has been a part of various job assignments including inventory control and equipment maintenance.

Adi Raibstein

Project Manager & Construction Supervisor

Adi has 18 years experience in commercial and residential construction.

Tim S. Carroll

Sales & Marketing Director

Tim has over 30 years of commercial sales.He also manages all of USR's marketing and digital prescence.