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Transportation Industry

In the past the only thing you worried about when passengers boarded your vehicle was that you provided a good experience getting them from point “A” to point “B” on time.

Your reputation was based on cleanliness and appearance of your fleet and the friendliness and professionalism of your employees. Your image relied on first impressions. The look, smell and feel of the environment was crucial in conveying a comfortable atmosphere to your customers. “Did the bus look clean? Did it smell pleasant?” Your company’s reputation depended on these factors.

Outbreaks Ruin Your Reputation

Today in addition to all of these concerns, potential outbreaks of dangerous germs must be added to that list.

As resistant germs make their way into our communities, they are catching a ride. Germs are finding a new breeding ground in your vehicles. Dangerous pathogens on buses are frequently making news headlines.Unfortunately, as bad news goes viral, unwanted publicity can follow closely behind.

Don’t Let Germs and Odors Drive Business Away

  • Avoid disease-causing germs while significantly improving the smell of your vehicles.

  • EPA safe and effective system to disinfect without leaving behind harmful residues.

  • In addition to killing germs, our disinfecting process eliminates odor-causing biological oils, such as cigarette smoke, urine, food, & mold.

Be the Transportation People Trust

Hire USR For:



• one time decontamination

• monthly infection prevention

• weekly bio-prevention

Decontaminate your fleet now!

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