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Decontaminate your school, medical facility, gym, office, or home and get a peace of mind

Are you taking the necessary precautions in sanitizing and disinfecting your entire facility or home? By hiring US Restoration, LLC you will have the comfort to know we will be using the Curis system, a Hydrogen Peroxide Pulse Mist “fogging application”, an EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant chemical. USR has been using the “CURIS DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM” for over 6 years now on jobs such as Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Gyms and Day Cares .

Benefits of hiring USR

1) You will have the option of having your space pre-tested by a Louisiana State Licensed Industrial Hygienist for biological contamination.

2) You will put your employees and clients as ease with a post-cleaning verification report for biological contamination and the overall cleanliness of surfaces.

3) You will have the peace of mind that your space was disinfected and ready for you to return and get back in business with little or no down time.

4) We will hand wipe all "heavy touched" areas, giving you an extremely thorough

Disclaimer USR does not claim the Curis Decontamination System will kill the Coronavirus. USR is offering a service that is EPA approved and kills 99.9999% of C.Diff spores in a tri-part soil load. EPA#93324-1

US Restoration Services If anyone is interested in having their business, school or home treated with the Curis Decontamination System by US Restoration, please call for more information.

Don’t hesitate, clients are already calling to get on the schedule.

USR will be posting videos of the .365 Baseball Academy disinfection during the application process. Follow US on Facebook or sign up on our website for up to date information.

We are always available. Call US at 504.885.3289, email, on Facebook @usrestoration, or online

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